Everybody is out here #thrifting and #slaying, even incoming congresswoman Cori Bush

Yassssss! It's no surprise to us here at #ThriftStoreHauteCouture or to team #OkayToSlay that the DC area is rife with #HighFashionLowPrices slayage opportunities. But it's great to have our excitement validated.

Congresswoman Cori Bush has discovered DC Thrift Store Slayage and we are here for it!

Of course you don't need to be a local to get the haute couture look. I'm out every week picking up amazing #ThriftStoreFinds for you in all sizes and all looks. Join team #OkayToSlay on our website so you can get first look and first dib on all new items.

Read the #VOGUE interview with Congresswoman Bush and remember, when it comes to #thrifting, I GOT YOU, fam.